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The Need for New Concepts

Christoph Hueck (DE)

With its focus on material objects and causally comprehensible processes, reductionist science has enabled unimagined technical progress. At the same time, it has created an abstract and structureless view of the world, with which the differences between the dead and the living, the sick and the healthy, the unconscious and the conscious, the unfree and the free cannot be grasped. Today, however, an understanding of these qualitative aspects of the world and of life is becoming increasingly important and urgent.

It is actually not surprising that the aforementioned qualities, which undeniably belong to our experienced reality, cannot be grasped with the abstract ideas of natural science. How, for example, can one understand the difference between dead and living things if one imagines the world as being composed of dead matter and blind energy in an empty and structureless space and an indiscriminate time stream in which all order has supposedly arisen only by chance? How is one to distinguish the unconscious from the conscious if one imagines the entire cosmos to be material and thus "external"?

There are many people who feel that life and consciousness, health and freedom, etc. are fundamentally different from dead matter and energy and who realise that the mechanistic and reductionist view of the world is increasingly leading to the destruction of living nature and free community. But there are hardly any alternative ways to think about and understand the qualities mentioned (or, if specific terms are formed for these qualities, there remains an unbridgeable gap to the materialistic concepts of natural science).

Therefore, a new and holistic understanding of nature and of the human being is necessary and urgently needed.

A holistic understanding of the aforementioned qualities can only be achieved if the concepts through which we orient ourselves in the world are grasped in a fundamentally new way, i.e. phenomenologically and qualitatively.

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