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Elemente der Naturwissenschaft

Printed journal, individual articles can be downloaded after payment. Publishes goetheanistically oriented, anthroposophically extended, empirical research from the fields of biology, physics, chemistry twice a year for over fifty years.

Environmental & Architectural Phenomenology

Online open access journal published twice a year; a forum for research and design that incorporate a qualitative approach to environmental and architectural experience and meaning.


Editions Tycho Brahé

Éditions Tycho Brahé Yverdon was founded in 1994. Its editorial policy is simple: to translate and publish in French the articles on Goethean science that have appeared in the journal of the Carus Institute in Niefern-Oeschelbronn, Germany.

The Field Centre Journal of Research and Practice

Online open acess journal with regular contributions to Goethean science, published twice a year. 


Bolk's Companions

The site presents the series "Bolk's Companions", handy books for a Goethean approach to various fields of human biology and medicine, in particular also with methodological contributions to the practical training of Goethean holistic 'Anschauung' and clinical intuition. 

Exhibition 'Metamorphose Mensch & Tier
The site features a Goethean, methodological exhibition of human and vertebrate skeletons and ontogenetic and evolutionary series of human, hominin and ape skulls as well as comprehensive material for download.
Website of Botanist Peer Schilperoord. The site contains the description of a mobile exhibition on plant metamorphosis as well as download links to important Goetheanist publications by Peer Schilperoord from 1992 to 2021. 


Rudolf Steiner Bibliothek Stuttgart

Comprehensive collection of books and journals of anthroposophical and Goethean literature, online catalogue, copying and e-mailing service for a small fee. 

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