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as Holistic Science


This page is under construction. It will provide comprehensive information on Goetheanism as a holistic method of science. We are grateful for suggestions for changes, additions and for any contribution. 

Goetheanism can be understood in different ways. There is a Goethean approach to science, but Goetheanism can also be relevant in philosophy and psychlogy, in art, praxis and in social and civic life.  

"Goethe has served in some sense as an inspiration or a model for original work in the spirit of his method. This can be viewed as an ongoing research program within the context of a scientific 'paradigm'."

(Frederick Amrine)

"When being asked ‘what is Goethean science?’, there are as many answers as there are individuals who have embraced the practice. From a personal perspective, I often respond by giving my particular encountering of the world, which is to observe the phenomena in such a way that the sense of self may deeply participate in the object that is being encountered."

(Aonghus Gordon)

"Goetheanism makes thinking world-friendly."

(Wolfgang Schad)

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Image: Bockemühl, Jochen: Der Pflanzentypus als Bewegungsgestalt, Elemente der Naturwissenschaft 1/1964.

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